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caracupcake's Journal

5 December
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I am twenty-one years young and live in Los Angeles, California. I have had a a bazillion livejournals over the past decade or so and just recently (03.22.11) decided to get back into the swing of blogging again.
THINGS I LIKE INCLUDE: Anaheim Ducks hockey, red lipstick, bright coloured nailpolish, reading, shopping, cute fluffy little animals, going to concerts, watching hockey on TV, lazy days, margaritas, chocolate, fun with friends, books about weird topics, programs about various historical things, Anthony Hopkins, candyfloss.
BANDS I ENJOY INCLUDE: The Casualties, T.S.O.L., Mad Marge & the Stonecutters, A Fire Inside (older stuff), The Clash, Florence and the Machine, Guster, Blink-182 (older stuff - hey I grew up on it :P), No Doubt, Bad Religion, Three Bad Jacks, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, various other rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, and anything with a good beat <3
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